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Web Conferencing Services

Optimise business processes and empower your workforce with online collaboration using Cisco WebExTM Web Conferencing. Bring remote designers and engineers together to review the latest plans. Conduct regular meetings among geographically dispersed staff members. Hold live creative sessions with your marketing and advertising teams. Increase productivity by giving every department access to WebEx Meeting Center with integrated Message Stick audio conferencing.

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center

Web Conferencing

With WebEx Meeting Center, you can:

  • Finish projects faster by interacting with anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • Share applications, presentations, documents and your PC desktop in real time.
  • Take care of business more efficiently by eliminating back-and-forth email.
  • Work with teams across the map—all you need is Internet access.
  • Maximise your resources by bringing people together without travel time and expense.
  • View participants in high-quality video. Keep track of who’s speaking with Active Speaker, which follows the current speaker—automatically. Switch to Full-Screen video mode to spotlight the current speaker without any other distractions.

WebEx Meetings

More mobile. More productive

  • Easy online meetings
  • Secure shared work space
  • Cisco security and reliability

Meet instantly

When we say easy, we mean it.

Choose ‘Meet Now’ — and start working together. Or schedule ahead.

Using Outlook? Select the WebEx icon to make it a video conference.

Powerful online meetings are incredibly simple.

  • Face-to-face collaboration with HD video
  • Share anything on your screen
  • Powered by Cisco security and reliability

Let your meeting call you.

No dial-in, no passcodes.

Video conference

  • View full screen or adjust proportions with liquid layout
  • See up to 7 people’s video feeds
  • Watch video feeds and sharing side-by-side

Screen share

Show your whole desktop or just one application — and keep the rest private.


Everything in your meeting — including video feeds.

To add WebEx to your account, please contact your account manager