WELCOME and THANK YOU for visiting Message Stick 

June and July have been busy months for Message Stick - Signing Ceremonies with CBA, Westpac, Dept. of Industry and Attorney-General's Dept.  Photos available here


Our goal is to promote Indigenous Australia’s engagement with Australian and global business.

Message Stick aims to be a role model for other aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs who wish to engage with our economy by doing business with Australian and global companies.

We intend to demonstrate that Aboriginal business people can responsibly manage corporate relationships. This will be done by applying the highest standards of business ethics and quality of service. We are committed to competing in the market and be rewarded on the basis of our professionalism and the value we add.

Our passion is to see Indigenous Australians participate in sustainable economic engagement with Australian business. Indigenous economic engagement needs to rely less on donations, sponsorships and handouts. Engagement in the future will revolve around business to business relationships.

Message Stick Communications is a niche Technology, Communications & Media service provider - supplying services to large corporate businesses and Australian Government agencies.

Indigenous Australia Engaging Australian Business