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What we do…

Professional Services - SAP

Providing our clients with access to and continuity from respected SAP professionals, with a view to building sustainable professional careers for Indigenous Australians.

Audio Conferencing

An instant conferencing service that requires only access to a phone to enable highly productive meetings with participants from anywhere around the world.

Web Conferencing

Use WebEx to help eliminate the hassle and costs associated with travelling to face-to-face meetings, and accelerate productivity throughout your organisation.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing provides the value and impact of a face-to-face meeting without the need to travel.  Ideal for CEO presentations, team meetings, product launches and more.

Managed Event Calls

Operator Assisted audio conference calling is a scalable, customized conferencing solution that lets you streamline and manage your most demanding conferences.


Create and deliver high-impact live and on-demand virtual presentations training, corporate communications, investor relations, product launches, or any application where you are looking to increase audience engagement.

Michael McLeod

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Message Stick is a unique business in that it is owned by Aboriginal Australians.  The company was started in 2003 to show that Aboriginal Australians can own and manage a services business that engages with large corporations and Government agencies.  The business does not seek any sponsorship, donations or social grants whatsoever.  They seek only the opportunity to prove themselves and to be treated as worthy business partners.

Michael and the Message Stick team were the driving force behind the creation of Supply Nation – read more

Our Clients


Recent Signing Ceremonies

Many clients choose to mark the occasion of engaging with Message Stick by taking part in a humble signing ceremony.

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Signing Ceremony

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Client Support - Professional Services

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